I’ve been watching more of these dandelion motherfuckers lately.

Seriously. Everyone in this series is a dandelion.

I-I did the screencap-redraw thing…….

Im actually really proud of this, oops. Look at that shota pout omfg

For the love of god, full view these babies to see all of them

no but seriously. click > right click > open image in a new tab, to actually full view them

Finny made me a shota satyr????????? And I wanted to draw him aahahaha

i draw shota satyrs with rly thin legs oops but i like em………

oh my god what have i done

part of me feels bad for this. but a bigger part of me doesnt give a shit

My god I am finally done with these babies. (Fullview em if you can because tumblr is a butt~)

Shotas! Space Shota and (pink)Opal Shota! These were super fun. Obviously they use the same starting pose… I was too lazy to make more (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

The PinkOpal Shota is actually a gift for this beautiful lady. Because pretty much all we do day in and day out is talk about shotas.

(There is a super NSFW version of these shotas, that will be going up on a different blog of mine. If you ask nicely I might point you in the right direction fufu)

this fuckers name in the end is Takahiro. 

=w= i really dont know what else to say. 

because jinny wanted to draw the gaybies riding home. 

Jinny doesnt draw biKES!!! SO SHE SAID FUCK IT. 

Don't snort at Hanai, he will get really flustered. And cute. Ah, okay, snort at Hanai





Now look what you’ve done

you made my friend and me laugh pretty damn hard. This absolutely made my day. 

because adorable light-hearted manga about fluffy haired boys playing baseball is a current obsession of mine.


these kids will be the death of me

sobs at the random moments im proud of my art ahahaha

my cat has three legs so i feel bad shoving him off of me

so i dont

oop sorry i level 9 animed

idk i made a pone

i have plans to make adoptables yeh

Riolu and Espurr are some of my favorite babes (besides the forever spot of Eevee)

Espurr is currently channeling the spirit of Rasputin